Friday, 21 June 2013


my first illustrated book!

The story is one of a series of 40 and are a set of books designed to help problem solving for children. 
Adults may take certain scenarios for granted but to a child life can be pretty scary! For example; moving house, going to the dentist or loosing a pet. 

'Emily moves house' is about Emily, a 7 year old packing up all her things and having to move to a new home. The rooms are big and empty, there are removal men everywhere stacking boxes against the wall. She's so lonely watching all of the children playing in the gardens, she wonder what her best friend would be doing right now?

Luckily for Emily, a surprising friend comes along to help and we discover for the first time, the land of Flowertasia. 

'Emily moves house' written by Tina Gayle and illustrated by Jessie Louise Hadley is available to buy from here:
Orders arrive within 3-5 days

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